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Jump Start Your Job Search

Jul 08, 2024

You’ve applied to dozens of jobs online; all you hear are crickets.


You’ve tapped into your network and fostered some relationships, but they can’t help you.


So, what can you do to find that next job or create your next advancement opportunity more quickly and with less frustration?


Here are four tips to help you build Your Mid-Career GPS to whatever is next for you and your career.


#1 – Get CLEARER About What’s Next for You and Your Career


When your job search and networking conversations lack a clear, focused message, it becomes challenging for others to assist you and for companies to understand how you can contribute. Achieving career clarity is a significant leap forward in this journey.


#2 – Get Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile in Order


Make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profiles are up to date and optimized for this job market. If you are applying for jobs online, know how to get your resume through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so your resume gets looked at by a Human Resources professional. Consider hiring a highly qualified and recommended professional resume writer. If you need a recommendation, message me on LinkedIn, and I’ll happily recommend someone to help you.


Your LinkedIn profile will either help or hurt you during the interview process. Little things on your profile can yield huge rewards in building your professional credibility. Check out this blog post about What Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You.


If you’d like me to put my expert lens and give you specific feedback about your LinkedIn profile, check out my LinkedIn Profile Review service by clicking here.


#3 – Build Relationships / Leverage Your Network


There is truth in the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” If your network isn’t able to help you – build new relationships. If your network isn’t connected to the industries and companies you desire, find people who are. Building relationships to help you advance your career isn’t a one-way street. Find ways to connect with people, offer value, and make plans to cultivate those relationships over time.


#4 – How Do You Want to SHOW UP?


Finding a new job isn’t a “passive” activity. If you want a new job or that internal promotion you believe you are ready for; you must actively promote yourself and connect with the right people to help you move your career forward. In my SHOW UP Strategies, the P stands for “Protect and Promote Your Brand.” Your brand is what people say about you. It’s your job to ensure your brand aligns with your reputation and overall career goals and ambitions.


Lastly, it’s okay to be frustrated in your career progression. Not everyone finds a new job quickly and easily. Over the last few years, I’ve seen it with my clients, and the research has supported that it will take a mid-career professional, on average, somewhere between 3 and 5 months to find a new job.


You can speed up that process by networking, targeting specific companies, and clearly and confidently telling your story as you communicate your results to potential employers. Certain factors are within your control.


If you want help to jump start your job search, check out my free Mid-Career Job Seekers Checklist to make sure you've got all of your things in order. Visit for more information. 


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