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I Work With Business, Organizations, and Universities to Help Them SHOW UP to Lead More Effectively.

It’s your choice. You can choose whomever you want for your next event. And when it’s over, what do you want your attendees to say?

Do you want to hear that you just hired another ‘dull’ speaker in their opinion? Or do you want them fired up, making REAL changes in what they do and singing your praise?

If you want high-fives and happy attendees, then choose John Neral for your next event. He is known for his true heart for people making real change in how they SHOW UP as leaders and individuals.

It does not matter if your Audience is 5 or 500, John Neral will leave them inspired and ready for more!

William F. Hill

(Ret.) Asst. Dean of Career Services - Monmouth University

"John is one of the best speakers I've witnessed in quite some time. He stands out amidst a sea of mediocrity. His delivery is precise and measured, and his advice and facts are spot on."

Matt Cannizzaro

Media Relations Manager, United States Bowling Congress

"John's knowledge of the group and event resulted in immediate credibility and buy-in with the group."

Bronwen Sanders

Director, Executive Degree Programs, Admissions and Marketing - NYU Stern School of Business

"His compelling message of how these core values help us to interact with our colleagues, our organization, and to effectively serve our stakeholders with energy and confidence resonated with our participants."

Let's Talk About What It Means To SHOW UP

My name is John Neral, and I want to talk to you and your organization about how you SHOW UP. Whether you are a CEO of a major organization or you are starting in your career, people are watching. How you SHOW UP matters.


Keynote - Six Strategies to SHOW UP Competently, Confidently, and Energetically in Your Organization and Career.

What does it mean to you and your team to SHOW UP daily for your clients, colleagues, and stakeholders? What if there was a scientific way to examine how you energetically SHOW UP so you can make the impact you want? Sharing personal and professional stories, I'll help you and your organization clearly define what it means for you to SHOW UP to get the results you want. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Implement John's #SHOWUP6Strategies into your daily work
  • Use the Energy Leadership Index (TM) to build more intentional relationships with colleagues and clients that are focused on results
  • Learn how to leverage each team member's strengths to create better cohesion and productivity


Keynote - Build Your Professional GPS to SHOW UP to Find a Job You Love or Love the Job You Have

You feel stuck, undervalued, and underutilized. You know you are capable of more; honestly, you want more but are unsure how to go after it. It's time to start building Your Mid-Career GPS to whatever is next for you and your career. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn the four key steps to navigate your career transition
  • Examine five mistakes mid-career professionals keep doing and need to stop doing
  • Implement one essential strategy to build your network more intentionally, so they become true advocates for who you are and what you do


Keynote - Ditch Your Elevator Pitch!

Many mid-career professionals believe they need an elevator pitch to help them advance their careers. What if there was a better way to build that "know, like, and trust" factor and have more people singing your praises? It's time to ditch your elevator pitch and SHOW UP differently in your next networking or interview conversation. 

Key Takeaways: 

  •  Learn why coming from a place of value and service will get more people INTERESTED in who you are and what you do, rather than finding you INTERESTING.
  • Create a Unique Profesional Value Statement (UPVS) that automatically shifts the energy in any networking conversation or interview
  • Increase your competence and confidence to deliver results 

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