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What Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You

career career development linkedin networking Jun 26, 2024

Your LinkedIn Profile is on 24/7. It’s always there for people to find. However, many mid-career professionals haven’t spent much time optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. If you are looking for a job, you are probably panicked, thinking about everything you should do to make your LinkedIn more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.

If you are looking to overhaul or update your LinkedIn profile, here are a few tips to make the process easier. 

1. Give Yourself a Break.

It's okay if you haven't paid much attention to your LinkedIn over the years. After all, you've been working and growing your career. You've found other ways to increase your network. Admittedly, LinkedIn wasn't something you thought about or wanted to give attention to. Now, things have changed, and you are ready to start optimizing your profile. 

2. Have a Great Headshot

Make a great first impression, and you can do that by having a headshot. Your headshot should have you facing the camera and include your head, neck, and a little bit of your shoulders. This is not the time for a full profile picture. According to recent reports, LinkedIn profiles with headshots tend to get over 20X more profile views and 9X more connection requests. Having a great headshot will help you build the "Know, Like, and Trust Factor" you want.

3. Write a Compelling About Section

This is one area I help my private coaching clients write as it makes them more relatable and personable. Yes, your About section needs to include your professional accomplishments and highlights, but you should also include something personal you'd like to share with your network. When my clients do that, they generate more interest in them, and that's one of the ways I help them get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. 

One of the many things I do for my private coaching clients is to review their LinkedIn profiles. It’s a personalized approach to their job search. I give them tips and suggestions on optimizing their profiles to increase their visibility and marketability, tailored to their unique professional journey.

Would you like me to review your LinkedIn profile?

This is your chance to get my expert advice on your profile and hear exactly what I would do to help you attract more recruiters and hiring managers. I’ll help you identify what’s not functioning optimally and guide you in editing your profile to increase your visibility and professional brand. This will ultimately lead to more invites to job interviews or an increased professional presence, giving you the hope and motivation to succeed in your job search.

Spots are open for me to review your LinkedIn profile.

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