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LinkedIn Profile Review

Think of the LinkedIn Profile Review like you’re taking your LinkedIn Profile to the doctor. This is your chance to get my eyeballs on your profile and tell you exactly what I would do to help you figure out how to attract more recruiters and hiring managers to your profile. I’ll help you figure out what’s broken or not functioning the way you want so you can edit your profile to increase your visibility and professional brand and, ultimately, get more invites to job interviews.

This LinkedIn Profile Review is for anyone:

  • Looking for a new job and wants to update their LinkedIn profile to attract more people to their profile.
  • Who wants to apply to jobs with more confidence
  • Want more testimonials that sing your praises about why you are an ideal candidate for your dream job.
  • Want to grow your LinkedIn network with people who will actively support and advocate for you and your career development and vice versa.

Here's how it works after you purchase:

  • You will receive an email with a link to a questionnaire to fill in so I can get the full picture of what you want help with.
  • Once I receive your information and go over it in great detail, I will record and send you a video of me reviewing your LinkedIn profile. I will be sharing my screen and will also provide any feedback to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • You will also receive tips on how to grow your network, whether to post or engage, and any other appropriate advice for your profile. Think of this as me stopping over to help you with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Your personal and custom video will be sent to you within three (3) business days so you can start implementing the advice I offer to optimize your LinkedIn.

By purchasing this LinkedIn Profile Review service, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Nature of Service: The feedback, guidance, and suggestions provided are based on my professional opinion and experience. The recommendations are intended to enhance your LinkedIn profile but are not guaranteed to achieve specific results.
  2. No Liability: You accept full responsibility for any changes you make to your LinkedIn profile based on the advice provided. John Neral Coaching, LLC is not liable for any consequences that may arise from implementing or failing to implement the recommendations, including but not limited to, loss of opportunities, connections, or reputational damage.
  3. Non-Binding: The information provided in the video review is advisory in nature. It is your responsibility to assess the suitability and applicability of the advice to your specific situation. No warranty or guarantee is provided regarding the effectiveness of the recommendations.
  4. Professional Judgment: While John Neral Coaching, LLC strives to provide accurate and valuable insights, the dynamic nature of LinkedIn and its evolving platform features means that advice is based on current best practices and may become outdated.
  5. No Legal Advice: The service does not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. If needed, you should consult with a qualified professional for advice in these areas.

By completing your purchase, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms. There are no refunds for this service.