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Preparing for Your Next Interview

interview interview tips job interview new job Nov 14, 2022

Being invited to interview for a job is a big deal. You’re excited you’ve made it to this point in the hiring process.


You want to do a great job showcasing your skills and talents. You are nervous and anxious. You don’t want to screw up.


I’ve compiled some of my best episodes on The Mid-Career GPS Podcast to help you prepare for your upcoming interview. Each mini-episode focuses on one component of the interview process. So, whether you are looking for help answering the dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself” question or wondering how to close the deal and lock in that job offer, this podcast series will help you.


Five Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #1


Build Rapport and Get Your Interview Started Correctly

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #2


The One Word You Must Say During Your Interview

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #3


Questions to Ask at the End of Your Interview

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #4


Avoid Being Ghosted

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #5


Four Things to Consider About Your Job Offer

Interview Preparation Series – Episode #6


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